2015 Topps Heritage 1966 US Stamp Relics Checklist

The 2015 Topps Heritage Postal Stamp Relic cards are very tough pulls out of packs. These cards feature a player along with a 1966 stamp embedded onto the card. There are 20 cards in the checklist.

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66US-AK Al Kaline Detroit Tigers®
66US-BM Bill Mazeroski Pittsburgh Pirates®
66US-BR Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles®
66US-EB Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs®
66US-EM Eddie Mathews Atlanta Braves™
66US-FJ Fergie Jenkins Chicago Cubs®
66US-HK Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins®
66US-JB Jim Bunning Philadelphia Phillies®
66US-JM Joe Morgan Houston Astros®
66US-JMA Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants®
66US-LA Luis Aparicio Baltimore Orioles®
66US-LB Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals®
66US-NR Nolan Ryan New York Mets®
66US-OC Orlando Cepeda St. Louis Cardinals®
66US-PN Phil Niekro Atlanta Braves™
66US-SC Steve Carlton St. Louis Cardinals®
66US-TP Tony Pérez Cincinnati Reds®
66US-WF Whitey Ford New York Yankees®
66US-WM Willie McCovey San Francisco Giants®
66US-WMA Willie Mays San Francisco Giants®

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