2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics Checklist

The 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Triple Relic cards are very tough pulls out of packs. There are only 5 cards in the checklist.

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CCTR-AHU Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves™ / Justin Upton Atlanta Braves™ / Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves™

CCTR-BJT Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs® / Derek Jeter New York Yankees® / Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies™

CCTR-MMA Roger Maris New York Yankees® / Willie Mays San Francisco Giants® / Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves™

CCTR-MPB Buster Posey San Francisco Giants® / Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants® / Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants®

CCTR-SMM Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates® / Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates® / Starling Marte Pittsburgh Pirates®

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