2015 Topps Heritage Player Cut Signature Checklist

The 2015 Topps Heritage Player Cut Signature cards are extremely tough to find in packs. There are 20 cards in the checklist and each card is hand numbered one of one.

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66PCS-BB Bob Buhl Chicago Cubs®
66PCS-BP Bob Purkey Pittsburgh Pirates®
66PCS-DD Don Drysdale Los Angeles Dodgers®
66PCS-DL Don Landrum San Francisco Giants®
66PCS-GF Gene Freese Chicago White Sox®
66PCS-HF Herman Franks San Francisco Giants®
66PCS-HK Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins®
66PCS-HW Hal Woodeshick St. Louis Cardinals®
66PCS-JB Johnny Blanchard Milwaukee Braves™
66PCS-JN Joe Nuxhall Cincinnati Reds®
66PCS-LB Lew Burdette California Angels™
66PCS-MC Mike Cuellar Houston Astros®
66PCS-RM Roy McMillan New York Mets®
66PCS-RMA Roger Maris New York Yankees®
66PCS-RS Ron Santo Chicago Cubs®
66PCS-TM Tug McGraw New York Mets®
66PCS-WA Walter Alston Los Angeles Dodgers®
66PCS-WF Woodie Fryman Pittsburgh Pirates®
66PCS-WH Woodie Held Baltimore Orioles®
66PCS-WS Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates®

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