2015 Topps Heritage Real One Dual Autograph Checklist

The 2015 Topps Heritage Real One Dual Autograph cards have some subjects that are not seen in the Real One Autograph set such as Hank Aaron and Jim Palmer. There are 7 cards in the set.

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RODA-AF Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves™ / Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves™
RODA-BA Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals® / Matt Adams St. Louis Cardinals®
RODA-CM Orlando Cepeda St. Louis Cardinals® / Shelby Miller St. Louis Cardinals®
RODA-CW Steve Carlton St. Louis Cardinals® / Michael Wacha St. Louis Cardinals®
RODA-KC Al Kaline Detroit Tigers® / Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
RODA-NT Phil Niekro Atlanta Braves™ / Julio Teheran Atlanta Braves™
RODA-PJ Jim Palmer Chicago Cubs® / Fergie Jenkins Baltimore Orioles®

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