2013 Topps Chrome 15 Case Break!

On September 25th, Topps released one of the most popular brand of Topps cards -- Topps Chrome. This brand used to be one of my favorites because the autographs were part of the set. In my opinion, numbering the autographs as part of the Chrome set persuades set collectors such as myself to want to go after them. In 2013 they are numbered with letters ("YP", as an example). I am less likely to build the set since I consider it a separate set and not part of the main set. Unfortunately, in this day and age, I think the days of having numbered autograph cards as part of a base set are long gone. It has been a dream of mine to want to collect a current autograph set that is numbered like Topps Archives was back in 2001.

I like the looks of these cards and there are many different parallels to keep player collectors and rainbow enthusiasts happy. Although, I didn't open up a bunch if this product, I couldn’t help to wonder what cards I would get if I was to open several cases of Topps Chrome? Well, I know someone that did so I contacted him to find out what his great pulls were.

If you don't know by now, Brent Williams, of brentandbecca fame, has to be the #1 case breaker out there by volume. I have had positive experiences buying from him as his customer service is excellent. It's no wonder why he has so much repeat business. He is also very knowledgable about new products and offers his opinions on Twitter quite often. So if you are not following him on Twitter, you need to do so. His handle is @brentandbecca.

Recently, I caught up with Brent about his huge 2013 Topps Chrome 15 case break. I asked him what he thought his top ten cards out of all 15 cases were based on "wow factor". He responded with a list that is as follows...

Editor's Note: Before I begin with his list, I like to say that I try to show the actual cards Brent pulls from his rips and in most cases they are. However, occasionally I am unable to get a pic of the exact card due to the fact that Brent sells some of his pulls offline. So, in a few instances, I may show a card that is very similar to the one he pulled.


10. Superfractors Austin Jackson 1/1, and Carter Capps 1/1 (tie)
Anytime you pull a superfractor, I'm sure your heart races a bit. I've never had that experience but hope to one day.

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9. Yasiel Puig Variation Shortprint SSP
Brent said he only pulled 4 of the SSP variation cards out of his 15 cases and considers himself lucky to get the Puig. This card is extremely tough to pull and undervalued in my opinion when observing recent sales.

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8. Wil Myers Silver and Black Auto /25 and Wil Myers Red Hot Rookie Silver Ink /25 (tie)
Brent said that these two cards look sweet in person and were found in back to back cases.

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7. Divisional Box Loader AL Central Jumbo Flag Card /25
Brent likes the idea of these flag cards but one has to wonder about the player selection. The odds of hitting one are very tough!

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6. Manny Machado Red Refractor Autograph /25
It's a shame that he is hurt right now but now is a good time to stock up on Machado in my opinion. What's amazing about this card is that out of all of Brent's cases, he actually pulled two of these!

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5. Evan Gattis CAMO Refractor Autograph /15
Brent says that the camo border looks very cool on this card. I have to say that I agree with that assessment.

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4. Jurickson Profar Atomic Refractor Autograph /10
As a die hard Texas Ranger fan, it would be hard to beat this pull out of 15 cases. This is one sweet card that I wish I had.

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3. Uncut XFractor Sheet /4?
According to Brent, he believes that there are only four XFractor sheets out there and at 1 per 74,300 packs, he definitely beat the odds. I personally have a chrome refractor sheet from this year's Topps Heritage and they look nice when framed.

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2. Bryce Harper/Mike Trout Back To Back Dual Autograph /5
This amazing pull by Brent was sent in to be graded for a private collector who bought it direct from Brent.

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1. Christian Yelich Superfractor Autograph 1/1
This is the best card out of Brent's 15 cases. Superfractor. Autograph. Rookie. 1/1.

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Here are a few comments from Brent about his break...

"I had many others including a few I kept like a Shelby Miller Red Refractor Autograph and a HUGE Yasiel Puig Red Refractor that I'm keeping. I broke the odds in almost all of the tougher categories (like the multi-case hits) except pink refractor autographs (hit zero) and pink base refractors (only hit two). I hit some real long shots this go around and had lots of fun. It still is not one of my big money making products but will do better than most years."

On the righthand section of my blog you will see a section called "Brent's Case Breaks". There is where I have stored my posts of Brent's case breaks of Topps products and I plan to add more. Back in February 2013, I contacted Brent asking him what his best 10 cards out of 2013 Topps Series One were. Check out that section to find more of his huge case breaks! Also, be sure to look at the Top Ten Most Watched section on the right side to see what is the most watched 2013 Topps Chrome card -- updates automatically so be sure to bookmark and add it to your list of favorites.

And so there you have it. For those who have always wondered what kind of cards to expect out of a 15 case break, now you know. I think Brent did rather well. Do you think his top ten should have yielded better cards considering he opened 15 cases? I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Thank you.

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