2014 Topps Heritage 41 CASE BREAK!!

On March 14th, Topps finally released my most anticipated release of the year -- 2014 Topps Heritage Baseball. I went ahead and opened up three cases and traded/sold all the cards for some nice 1960 and 1961 Topps cards as well as some 1962's that completed my 1962 Topps set! I am now 81 cards away from having every Topps base set 1957 to present!

After opening my three cases with my best card being a Derek Jeter Black Chrome refractor, I began to wonder what other awesome pulls are in this product? As most of you know by now, Brent Williams, the world's number one case breaker when it comes to volume (and service in my opinion), opens several cases of most Topps products. For 2014 Topps Heritage, he opened 41 cases!!

I immediately contacted him on Twitter (his handle is @brentandbecca) and asked him what his top ten 2014 Topps Heritage pulls were by wow factor out of his incredible 41 case break. After days of ripping, sorting, listing, selling, and shipping, Brent kindly found a little time to provide me with a list. There are definitely some cards that make me go "wow"!

Here are Brent's best hits ranked by "wow factor". Brent gave me a Top 10 list of his pulls. Here they are from 10 to 1 along with comments:


Click on the picture of the card to see what they are going for on eBay.

10. Derek Jeter Black Chrome Refractor 43/65 -- SOLD: $247.49


Click To See More Like This Derek Jeter On eBay

I find it amazing that Brent and I pulled the same card out of our case breaks. I pulled the Derek Jeter Black Chrome Refractor numbered 10/65 while Brent pulled the one numbered 43/65. So Brent’s tenth best card was my best card. That means he pulled nine more that are better than this so read on to see what they were.

9. Craig Biggio 1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loader Autograph /20 -- SOLD: $250.00


Click To See More Like This Craig Biggio On eBay

I was amazed that Brent was able to sell this one for $250.00. However, there are only 20 of them out there and there are some pretty die hard Houston Astros fans as this sale indicates.

8. Roberto Clemente/Willie Stargell/Andrew McCutchen Triple Relic /25 SOLD: $250.00


Click To See More Like This Triple Relic On eBay

Brent actually pulled two of the 25 cards available. The one pictured actually sold for $225.21 while Brent sold another one offline for $250.00. This is one sweet card pairing two Hall of Famers with one that is well on his way.

7. Carlos Beltran Super Shortprint $250.00


Click To See More Like This Carlos Beltran On eBay

I have never fully understood why these cards are so collectible but after looking at some of the sales of these, it is easy to see that these super shortprints are in great demand. These cards are highly collected among those who feel that their master set is simply not complete without them.

6. Joey Votto Super Shortprint $300.00


Click To See More Like This Joey Votto On eBay

Here is another super shortprint that Brent pulled and this one he was able to sell for $300.00. The key to getting the most money on cards like these is to get them on eBay as quickly as you can. The fewer on eBay, the more demand there will be. The longer you wait to list, then more will appear from others which will drive the price down.

5.Jarrod Parker Super Shortprint SOLD: $300.00


Click To See More Like This Jarrod Parker On eBay

I am sure Brent was pretty happy with the sale of his super shortprints as here is another one he sold for $300. Since Brent has sold his, several can be found on eBay at much cheaper prices. This is why it is almost always best from a buyer’s perspective to wait for more to surface before buying.

4.Andrew McCutchen Super Shortprint SOLD: $300.00


Click To See More Like This Andrew McCutchen On eBay

I actually was fortunate to pull this exact card out of the three cases I opened. However, I wasn’t as fortunate to sell mine for as much Brent did. Mine sold for $89.00 and I was very happy with that sale.

3. Rickey Henderson/Yoenis Cespedes Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relic /10 Redemption SOLD: $300.00


Click To See More Like This Dual Autograph Relic On eBay

It is too bad that most of the dual autograph relic cards in Topps Heritage are redemptions. It is far more exciting to pull a rare card when the card is live than it is to get a redemption. The waiting process can be brutal. I have heard some nightmare of people waiting years for their cards; however, I have heard that Topps is working to make the process better.

2. Johnny Bench/Buster Posey Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relic /10 Redemption SOLD: $350.00


Click To See More Like This Dual Autograph Relic On eBay

I honestly cannot think of a better pairing when it comes to a catcher of the past with a catcher of the present. With only ten copies of this card available, $350 sounds like a pretty good deal.

1. Gerrit Cole Patch Book Card Redemption – SOLD: $375.00


Click To See More Like This Patch Book Card On eBay

If you are a Gerrit Cole fan or a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, this is probably the best it can get out of Topps Heritage. These thick cards are unique and numbered one of one. Extremely rare to find in packs. Let’s hope for the buyer that Topps has this card ready to ship as I wouldn’t want to have to wait for such an awesome card.

Here are some thoughts on Brent’s case break from none other than Brent himself...

"I had eight more $200 direct sales which included triple relics numbered to 25 of Smoltz/Glavine/Maddux, Henderson/Cespedes/Jackson, the SSP error of Correia, SSP uniform variations of Goldschmidt and Gomez. Plus I had box loader redemption autographs numbered to 20 of Tom Glavine, Bo Jackson, and Mike Mussina. I also was able to buy four SSP uniform variations including Jeter for $300 or less and flip them all for $300-$600 each but I didn’t pull them so they don’t count, in fact only pulled the two SSP uniform cards (out of 41 cases) and should have pulled at least double that so had bad luck there. I sold dozens of master sets, logo variation sets, SP action sets, chrome sets, refractor sets, purples, unopened original buybacks, etc. for anywhere from $250 to $1,000 each set/lot and had another 33 cards sell between $100-$199 including a 1/1 cut signature of Bob Shaw of the Giants, both Keith Olbermann autograph variations plus many direct deals on box loader relics, black refractors, auto relics, dual autos, embossed, gold refractors, etc. I had fewer keepers than ever since I did not hit but one autograph I wanted which was the Hank Aaron Red Ink autograph, that was my biggest hit.


I kept it and redeemed it, had to go buy red inks of guys like Chipper and Mattingly and still looking for any Bo Jackson!”

Click To See More Like This Aaron Autograph On eBay

If you are familiar with Topps Heritage and Real One autographs from this year, Topps has listed Bo Jackson on the checklist but his card has yet to be found. Topps even tweeted a picture of one so it has to exist. My opinion is that they are saving those and will be inserting them into later packs destined for value boxes. Supposedly,the same thing happened with the Willie Mays autographs back in 2012.

Although Brent had some awesome pulls one can't help to notice that half of his top ten pulls are redemptions. However, I wouldn't say that this product is loaded with redemptions. I opened three cases and did not have a single redemption card. All of my autographs were live and on-card (the way all autographs should be).

So how do you think Brent did? Check out some of his previous case breaks to see how well he has fared. On the righthand side of my blog, just click on the category Brent's Case Breaks. Again, you can follow Brent on Twitter at @brentandbecca and you can follow me @parker94ttu. Thanks!

Craig from Texas

2014 Topps Heritage ANTHONY RIZZO
2014 Topps Heritage ANTHONY RIZZO "MINI Short Print SSP" #005/100! (CUBS)
Time Remaining: 23h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $19.58

2014 Topps Heritage #43 - CARLOS BELTRAN - SSP ERROR Card - Red Letter Name
2014 Topps Heritage #43 - CARLOS BELTRAN - SSP ERROR Card - Red Letter Name
Time Remaining: 3d 3h 6m

Time Remaining: 3d 4h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $400.00

Kevin Coreia 2014 Topps Heritage
Kevin Coreia 2014 Topps Heritage "Correia" Variation SSP #62 Error Name Wrong
Time Remaining: 4d 1h 30m
Buy It Now for only: $119.99

2014 Topps Heritage Wil Myers Tampa Bay Rays Purple Refractor Hi-Series #446 SSP
2014 Topps Heritage Wil Myers Tampa Bay Rays Purple Refractor Hi-Series #446 SSP
Time Remaining: 4d 2h 57m

2015 Topps Heritage Red Ink Auto Joe Panik 4/66 Super Short Print SSP
2015 Topps Heritage Red Ink Auto Joe Panik 4/66 Super Short Print SSP
Time Remaining: 4d 16h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $189.95

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2 Responses to 2014 Topps Heritage 41 CASE BREAK!!

  1. Joel says:

    When you talk about value boxes, can you provide more info? Was curious whether Topps would be making anything like those this year.

    • cparker94 says:

      Value boxes usually come out much later and are found in retail stores like Walmart and Target. They are generally a mix of Topps packs but they are factory sealed by Topps and not some third party “let me cherry pick the good packs and give you crap packs” outfit. The value boxes in 2012 was where the Topps Heritage Willie Mays autographs were found as they weren’t found in hobby packs to my knowledge. What exactly will make up a value box for 2014, no one knows for sure but I bet Topps will have them and that’s where you will see Bo Jackson Real One autographs for the first time.

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