2014 Topps Series One — 68 CASE BREAK!!!

On January 29th, Topps released their flagship brand of baseball cards for the 64th year in a row -- 2014 Topps Baseball Series One. I went ahead and opened up two jumbo boxes and traded all the cards for nine Hall of Fame 1958 Topps cards. My 1958 Topps set now lacks just 21 cards for set completion. I am hopeful to have it completed before 2014 Topps Series Two comes out!

After opening my two jumbo boxes, I began to wonder what awesome pulls are in this product? Well, I contacted my good collecting buddy, Brent Williams, to see how he did. You see, for those who don't know Brent, he is the number one case breaker in the world. He always opens multiple cases of Topps product and then sells to his loyal customer base as well as on eBay. He takes great pride in customer service and is one to follow on Twitter. His handle is @brentandbecca. He is always showing pictures of some of his great pulls so do yourself a favor and follow @brentandbecca! You can also follow me at @parker94ttu.

I asked Brent about his huge 2014 Topps Series One 68 case break. Yes, that’s right. Brent opened 60 jumbo cases and 8 hobby cases of this product! When I found out about how many cases Brent was opening I began to wonder what cards would give him the biggest “wow factor”? Well, after days of ripping, sorting, listing, selling, and shipping...Brent kindly found a little time to provide me with a list. There are definitely some cards that make me go "wow"!

Brent summed up his case breaking experience with the following...

"Every card on this list sold for at least $110+ not to mention many from the same type of hit. I also had several other different types around $75-$100. I enjoyed the break as odds were better than last year, still very tough, and wasn't a fan of rehashed ideas like sparkles or manufactured rings, but they do add value. I am one that wishes that there were SP photo variations and then maybe 25 SSP legends not sparkles, but that is me. I love legends on current designs, but perhaps they ran out of pics. But I did get $100 for a Puig sparkle."

Here are Brent's best hits ranked by "wow factor". Brent gave me a Top 10 list of his pulls. He decided to give me his top ten based in different types of hits. Here they are from 10 to 1 along with our comments:


Click on the picture of the card to see what they are going for on eBay.

10. Manny Machado Clear Parallel 8/10 SOLD: $119.51


Click To See More Like This Manny Machado On eBay

BRENT: "Surprisingly my Cole Hamels clear parallel sold $20 more than this one but I put Manny on the list because I like the card better and it's Manny, not Cole (sorry Phillies Phanatics)...I LOVE THE CLEAR PARALLELS! Topps did great on these!"

CRAIG: "If I were not collecting vintage sets right now, I would seriously consider putting a set of the clear parallels together. These cards are super nice to look at and extremely limited. Would make for a great challenge and a great display!"

8. (Tie) Bryce Harper The Future Is Now Autograph Patch /10 SOLD: $152.50


Click To See More Like This Bryce Harper On eBay

8. (Tie) Mike Trout The Future Is Now Autograph Patch /10 SOLD: $152.49


Click To See More Like This Mike Trout On eBay

BRENT: "Both cards sold for the same but man if these were live (instead of redemptions) it would have been better as the live auto relics #/25 of them sold a tad higher. I had a nice live patch auto of Segura from this so who knows what could have been."

CRAIG: "I am surprised that these cards didn't oh over $200 each. Both players are among the top 5 if not higher in MLB popularity and to get a relic and an autograph of them on the same card is very rare. I guess this goes to show that most people do not have the patience to deal with the slow redemption process."

7. Mike Trout All-Rookie Cup Autograph Relic 12/25 $169.99


Click To See More Like This Mike Trout On eBay

BRENT: "Really like this card although not really much of a 2-color swatch."

CRAIG: "Anytime you hit an autograph relic of a young superstar, you know you are going to get some serious money for it. However, I thought this one too should have hit the $200 mark."

6. Bob Gibson Before They Were Great Autograph Relic /5 SOLD: $183.50


Click To See More Like This Bob Gibson On eBay

BRENT: "This was the only insert of this type I pulled, and a redemption of course."

CRAIG: "A very nice Hall of Famer! One thing I have always liked about Bob Gibson is the way he signs his name. His signature is very legible and neat."

5. Michael Wacha Postseason Autograph Relic 38/50 SOLD: $187.50


Click To See More Like This Michael Wacha On eBay

BRENT: "This card went a bit higher than some others; a great card of this top performer from the end of last year".

CRAIG: "Every year these postseason autograph relics are in great demand as a few collectors scramble to complete this challenging set. I would have put this set together in 2011 and 2012 had my Texas Rangers won the World Series!"

4. Mike Trout Gold Gem Class Ring Autograph 08/10 SOLD: $241.50


Click To See More Like This Mike Trout On eBay

BRENT: "I really like these, the only other one I hit was Miguel Cabrera, so not bad at all."

CRAIG: "I've never been a fan of manufactured ring cards (or sticker autos for that matter), however of all the manufactured ring cards I have seen, this one has the best design in my opinion."

3. Yu Darvish In the Name Letter Patch 1/1 SOLD: $255.00


Click To See More Like This Yu Darvish On eBay

BRENT: "This is one of my better letter patches that I have ever pulled. In this case break, I pulled 6 letter patches and four of them went for $100+."

CRAIG: "These cards are really neat if you are into jersey cards. I like the fact that they are large patches and worn by the player at the All-Star game."

2. Manny Machado Strata Autograph 18/25 SOLD: $255.00


Click To See More Like This Manny Machado On eBay

BRENT: "This is one of the few live Strata cards I hit (most are redemptions). I hit 6 Strata autographs of which three sold for more than $200."

CRAIG: "These Strata autograph cards are among the best looking autographs I have seen. I like how the autograph is protected in a shadow box frame."

1. Nolan Ryan Top 50 Original Rookie Buyback Redemption SOLD: $700.00


Click To See More Like This Nolan Ryan On eBay

BRENT: "There are so many unknowns as far as condition etc, I ended up selling this to a private collector."

CRAIG: "Brent should be happy with this sale. I can't imagine this card grading higher than a five. It's tough for anyone to buy this card not knowing the actual condition. Also, will they stamp the original card like they do with the buybacks in Topps Heritage as well as 2014 Topps?"

In my opinion, this was one of Brent's better massive case breaks -- much better than last year's Topps Football. He received numerous $100+ cards. In comparison, check out some of his previous case breaks to see how well he fared. On the righthand side of my blog, just click on the category Brent's Case Breaks. Once again, please remember to follow us on Twitter. Thanks!

Craig from Texas

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4 Responses to 2014 Topps Series One — 68 CASE BREAK!!!

  1. AdamE says:

    I would love to contact your friend to see if he has any of the 75th anniversary buyback Bill Virdon cards. Is there any way you can give me his email or email him for me because I don’t Twitter. My email is ajpca07 at hotmail dot com.

  2. Gary says:

    I bought one pack of 2014 Topps over my lunch break this past Wednesday and pulled a redemption of Bob Gibson buyback rookie redemption. While I am a big MLB fan, I’d rather a Cardinal fan/HOF collector have this… Do you know any collectors?


    • cparker94 says:

      Wow! Great pull! Although I don’t know any St. Louis Cardinals collectors or Bob Gibson collectors you shouldn’t have a problem selling that beauty!

      Craig from Texas

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