A Surprise Unlike Any Other…..

Three years ago back in March 2012, I was making several trades for my 2012 Topps Heritage sets. I am a frequent visitor to the Collectors Universe forums and there is a great group of guys over there that I trade Topps Heritage with. I want to share one of the conversations I have had with Dave, someone that I traded Chrome cards with back in 2008 (read this from the bottom up and pay attention to the dates):


As you can read, this was a very exciting time for me as my son Drew was about to be born. He was indeed born on May 4th, 2012, and he means everything to me. Dave said he left himself a note to check his Topps Heritage autographs for Drew. I completely forgot about talking to Dave until recently he contacted me. THREE YEARS LATER!  Here's that conversation and once again pay attention to the dates and read from the bottom up:


I couldn't believe that Dave contacted me after three years!  Of course I forgot that these messages even took place. Then a few days later, I went to my post office box and there was a package addressed to Drew. It was his first autographed baseball card!  Here it is:


A Johnny Gray 2005 Topps Heritage Real One autograph!  Although Drew is too young to really appreciate this, one day he will. I just wanted to share this little story to show that there are some great things that happen in our hobby. I can not thank Dave enough for his generosity. 

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