The Topps Sell Sheet / Photo Project — 1972

1972 Topps is my second favorite vintage design of the 70's. my first favorite is 1975. I like the bright colors on the front of the cards. I have a complete set of 1972 cards in EX+ to NM condition. I really like the high numbers that I have. I bought them from a guy who got them straight from a vending box as every card has sharp corners and have a crisp, pack-fresh feel to it. I probably should get the cards graded as I'm sure there are some PSA 9's in there. I wish I had a sell sheet from 1972 but I don't. I do have a picture of a 1972 Topps wrapper and a 1972 Topps wax box. Here they are:

If you have any old Topps sell sheets, please contact me at


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