The Topps Sell Sheet / Photo Project — 1992

1992 Topps was the first time that I heard the term “Topps Gold” cards. The dealer who sold me several boxes of 1992 Topps that year told me to be on the lookout for Topps Gold cards which could be found one per box. When I got home that night and opened my boxes, I remember getting a few of these. I began to think about putting a set together since I had a lot of friends that I thought I could trade with. Also, inside every pack of 1992 Topps was a scratch-off card game called “Match the Stats”. If you scratched off three of the circles before scratching an out, you would win a pack of ten gold cards.
I won about ten packs of these gold cards and thought I would send them off and try for a set eventually. A few days later, I was watching a TV show and saw a news story on this Topps promotion. They were explaining how one could shine a bright light and be able to see if the circles on the “Match the Stats” game pieces would be outs or numbers. This would mean that every card would be a winner as collectors would know where to scratch and where not to scratch. I then began to think that the value of my Topps Gold cards would not hold up as I am sure that millions would take advantage of this way to “cheat the system”. Topps immediately responded to the news story by stating that they would still honor all winning cards submitted. However, in order to protect the value of the Topps Gold cards, they decided to do something that made me decide to immediately disband my efforts to complete the gold set. Topps stated that all redemption packs would have the word “Winner” stamped in gold foil on each card. So, a collector could collect the 1992 Topps base set, a gold “Winner” set, and a gold set. I did not want my gold set to be a mix of gold winners and non-winners, so I decided to stop collecting the gold cards. Once I got my winner cards in the mail, I traded them to friends for some vintage.

I put together a lot of regular 1992 Topps sets that year and kept one for myself. I do not have a sell sheet for 1992 Topps so if someone out there has one, please let me know!! I always like to put a sell sheet or photo in the front of my Topps set binders to remind me of baseball card collecting that year. Since I do not have a sell sheet, here is what I do have which are a 1992 Topps wrapper and a 1992 Topps wax box:
Thank you for following my blog! Next month will be the release of 2013 Topps baseball so be on the lookout for some interesting blog posts from me on that subject. 🙂

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