13 More Cards For a Milestone

I was looking over my collection and came to a quick realization. Out of the 398 cards I need to complete a total of ten different vintage sets, only 13 of those cards book for less than $20. Here is the list:

Once I get these 13, I can say that I have every Topps base card ever made that books for less than $20. Pretty amazing, huh? For years, I have been working on a complete Topps set run and now the slope of that challenge is about to get steeper.

I have always tried to go after the cheaper cards first when I try to put a vintage set together. The closer I get to completing the set, the more willing I am to pay for the higher dollar cards. I have a friend who does just the opposite. He goes after the higher dollar cards first. According to him, that makes picking up the cheaper cards easier knowing he already has the key cards behind him.

Which method of collecting vintage cards works for you? I'd be interested to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my daily blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will have a blog post about 1971 Topps.

Thanks again!

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