2013 Topps Football 40 Case Break!!

On August 21st, Topps released their flagship brand of football cards -- 2013 Topps Football. Last week, the Denver Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens in the first game of the season. So, in honor of kicking off the football season, I've decided to do my first football post on my baseball card blog. My topic is a fun one -- a 40 Topps jumbo case break by Brent Williams.

Brent has to hold the world record when it comes to busting cases. He has opened 80 cases of Topps Series One baseball and 32 cases of Topps Allen & Ginter this year as well as more products. He takes a lot of pride on customer service and has quite a following on Twitter (@brentandbecca). He also has quite a bit of repeat business year after year -- especially from customers who buy one base set annually. He is also very knowledgable about new products and offers his opinions on Twitter quite often. Plus, he is always showing pictures of some of his great pulls. Do yourself a favor and follow @brentandbecca!

I asked Brent about his huge 2013 Topps football 40 jumbo case break. Yes, that’s right. Brent opened 40 cases of this product! When I found out about how many cases Brent was opening I began to wonder what cards would give him the biggest “wow factor”? Well, after days of ripping, sorting, listing, selling, and shipping...Brent kindly found a little time to provide me with a list. There are definitely some cards that make me go "wow"!

Brent summed up his case breaking experience with the following...

"Football is always tough to break and recoup funds, but I enjoy the change of pace. And I did not do well on big hits at all, BUT there really are not many big hits this year since the rookie class is much weaker. With that being said, the top rookies fall much easier than the past few years, and Topps included numerous versions of each player's autographs that I was never bored and had a lot of variety. One disappointment was despite Topps adding more veteran content than previous years (perhaps due to weaker rookie class), they were not only still tough pulls but sales were quite weak as many of the HOF Legend autographs and relics I pulled did not bring in big returns. Overall this year was still a good year due to the fact of less production and less breakers due to weaker class, and also better content/variety. Sets outsold last year's by a lot for me and demand was much higher since so many breakers skipped this release. And in fact my ROI was within 1% of last year's."

Here are Brent's best hits ranked by "wow factor". Brent gave me a Top 12 list of his pulls. Here they are from 12 to 1:


12. Tavon Austin 1986 Rookie Autograph /140 SOLD: $65.00


Brent actually pulled three of these cards. That is kind of neat since there are only 140 cards that exist.

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11. Cordarrelle Patterson 1986 Rookie Autograph /140 SOLD: $66.00


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10. Eddie Lacy 1959 Mini Autograph SOLD: $68.00


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9. Russell Wilson Base Variation Autograph SOLD: $72.00


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8. Tim Tebow (with Tom Brady) SSP TT-SP SOLD: $76.02


This SSP card of Tim Tebow is very rare to find in packs -- one in 52 cases! There are two cards that are SSP in 2013 Topps Football. Tebow and Brent Williams. Yes, Brent won a contest last year and he is featured on his very own card. Unfortunately, Brent did not get his own card in his 40 case break but at least he got Tebow. It has been said that 100 of each SSP card can be found in packs.

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7. Geno Smith Rookie Premiere Autograph /90 $77.00


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6. Eddie Lacy Rookie Premiere Autograph /90 SOLD: $79.00


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5. E.J. Manuel 1965 Mini Tall Boy Autograph SOLD: $80.00

Brent actually hit two of these cards in his case breaks.

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4. E.J. Manuel 1959 Mini Autograph SOLD: $86.99


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3. E.J. Manuel 1986 Rookie Autograph /140 SOLD: $96.00


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2. E.J. Manual Rookie Variation Autograph SOLD: $108.38


Brent actually got two of these awesome cards in his case breaks.

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1. Andrew Luck Autograph Patch /50 SOLD: $138.50


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And so there you have it. For those who have always wondered what kind of cards to expect out of a 40 case break, now you know. In the future, I'll bring you more from Brent's legendary breaks so stay tuned. If you want to see some of his previous case breaks, check out the Brent's Case Breaks category on the righthand side of my blog.

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    I have the 2013 topps #75 aaron hernandez 1959 mini

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