2013 Topps Football #BW- SP Brent Williams

Last year, Topps included ten golden tickets inside packs of 2012 Topps Football. People who received one of these could turn it in to Topps for an autographed football by Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Not only that but the person submitting a golden ticket would get entered into a drawing. The drawing was to be featured on a 2013 football product. Well, famous case breaker, Brent Williams (of brentandbecca fame) opened tons of packs and guess what? He did not get a golden ticket. However, he did buy two tickets, received two autographed footballs, and waited for the drawing to see if he was selected. After waiting patiently for some time, on January 18, 2013, Topps made the following announcement on Facebook:


Hey Topps Nation. As most of you know, 2012 Topps Football included a special Golden Ticket. Finders of this Golden ticket were entered into a drawing to win a their own card in a 2013 Football product. We received a number of the tickets and the drawing was held this week.

Congrats to Brent Williams..

Brent Williams, known as brentandbecca to many, is a husband and father of two children. He is a long time and very passionate Topps collector! Congrats Brent! Looking forward to pulling your card in 2013!"

I asked Brent what he thought his chances of winning were. Would they be 20% since there were ten tickets and he turned in two? Here are Brent's thoughts:

"I know they were not all turned in. I only knew of 6 that had been hit and lots sealed wax still, but 2 were on ebay week of drawing still, not sure if they forgot or maybe they turned in that week. But I would think only 4-7 were turned in"

It was then revealed not too long ago that not only would he be a shortprint in the flagship Topps set, but he would be a super shortprint. The odds of pulling one of his cards is one in 52 cases! It is believed there are around 100 cards that exist. The first one sold for $60. The second one sold for $58.99.

Topps sent Brent a few of his shortprinted cards and Brent saw a great opportunity to raise money for the American Red Cross. Brent decided that he would autograph one of his cards, number it one of one, and include the Bible verse John 3:30 on the back. Within minutes of listing this card, the price shot up to over $100. It has increased since then and still has a few days left. 100% of the sales price will go to the American Red Cross. You can follow the auction here:

2013 Topps #BW-SP Brent Williams 1/1!

When I asked Brent what he thought his regular shortprint would sell for, he thought that it would sell for $20, maybe $30, and then die down. Well, it seems that Brent's card is one of the hottest cards in 2013 Topps Football.

It must be a weird feeling seeing yourself on an official Topps card and even more weird knowing that people are shelling out a lot of coin for your likeness.

I can only imagine.

Check below at some of the Brent shortprinted auctions!

BRENT WILLIAMS 2013 Topps Football SSP #BW-SP Dallas Cowboys brentandbecca
BRENT WILLIAMS 2013 Topps Football SSP #BW-SP Dallas Cowboys brentandbecca
Time Remaining: 8d 3h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $12.99

2013 Topps SSP #BWSP Cowboys Brent Williams
2013 Topps SSP #BWSP Cowboys Brent Williams
Time Remaining: 15d 17m
Buy It Now for only: $39.99

2013 Topps #BWSP Brent Williams SP
2013 Topps #BWSP Brent Williams SP
Time Remaining: 22d 16h 43m
Buy It Now for only: $59.99

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