862 More and Counting!

After making some serious headway with my 1960 Topps set, I'm now only 862 cards to have every base set from 1951 to present! Only NINE more cards to go for 1960! Here's what I need to put this one away:

1960 Topps #300 Hank Aaron
1960 Topps #343 Sandy Koufax
1960 Topps #475 Don Drysdale
1960 Topps #560 Ernie Banks AS
1960 Topps #561 Al Kaline AS
1960 Topps #563 Mickey Mantle AS
1960 Topps #564 Willie Mays AS
1960 Topps #565 Roger Maris AS
1960 Topps #566 Hank Aaron AS


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