Happy New Year!!

Hard to believe but it is now 2018! I haven't been blogging much lately but that is one of my New Year's resolutions -- to make more posts on my blog. One thing I like to do at the beginning of the year is to see where I stand on my goal of collecting every base card from the regular Topps sets going back to 1951 to present. Currently, I stand at 450 more cards to achieve this lifetime goal.

In 2017, I took up the sport of disc golf. At the age of 46, I am slowly starting to play less basketball and soccer and playing more disc golf. My brother, who is three years older, also started playing disc golf last year. We are very competitive. I recently came up with a way for him to help me with my collection. If he beats me in a round, I buy him a disc of $20 value or less. If I beat him, he buys me any card that I need for my sets. So far, we are tied 1-1. He bought me a 1951 Topps red back in PSA 5 for my collection.

I ended up buying him a Renegade disc. I'll keep you posted on all the cards he ends up getting me. I don't plan on losing to him in 2018 so hopefully I'll be getting quite a few cards from him.

I hope everyone has a great start to 2018. Topps Heritage will be out soon so stay tuned for more blog posts about Heritage and my quest for completing my Topps set run.


Craig from Texas

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