How I Would Run a Topps Club

Topps announced yesterday on their web site a new club that is geared towards those who spend quite a bit of money on Topps – over $10,000 a year to be exact. For this elite club, Topps will choose who gets in and who gets the boot. In order to be considered for membership, one must provide Topps the following:

· A letter of reference from your hobby store or online retailer
· Evidence that you spend $10,000 or more on Topps product per year
· A 500 word essay explaining why you should be a member of Topps Five Star Club

People selected for this club must help promote Topps in a positive light and their membership status can be revoked by Topps at any time. So if you are on Twitter or Facebook you better think twice before you post anything concerning Topps cards.

So, what are the benefits of being in this club? According to Topps, members will be privy to unique benefits and items including:

· A personalized membership card
· Exclusive autograph cards every quarter
· Exclusive Five Star football and baseball card parallels
· Quarterly calls with Topps employees
· Topps VIP status at national events

For me personally, I would be interested in seeing what kind of exclusive autographs will be given away. If they are of star quality like Harper/Trout and Luck/RG III, then this would be a great club to be a part of. If the autographs are of common players, then I wouldn’t be interested. However, membership is free if you qualify and are selected so I guess no one should complain about receiving free cards. Keep in mind that if you do complain, you could get kicked out of the club so be careful what you say!

The announcement of the Topps club got me to thinking. What would I do if I was in charge of creating a collector friendly club? After thinking about it, a lot of things came to mind. One thing I liked that Topps Stadium Club did in basketball back in 1993 was the inclusion of Frequent Flyer insert cards. Each card had a point value assigned to it and if you accumulated enough points, then these cards could be redeemed for Chrome Frequent Flyer cards. I think it would be great if collectors could collect point cards randomly inserted into packs and redeem them for exclusive autographs, jersey cards, signed baseballs, etc. Each card or item would have a point value. Save up enough points and then you can buy that item. It could be set up similar to what Chuck E. Cheese and other arcade type places do in that one can redeem tickets won for prizes. If Topps could set up an online point store, I think that this could really benefit Topps and us!

What do you think of my idea? Would something like this work? Let me know!!

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