Let the Countdown Begin! 389 Cards To Go!!!

Trivia question: Including the traded sets, how many Topps base cards are there in the flagship Topps sets from 1955-2012??? Answer coming up...

Today I decided to count up the number of cards I still need to have every base card from 1955 to present and that number as of today is 389!! That number might seem like a lot to some, but to me it doesn't and I'll explain why. Here is what I still need:
If you include traded sets, there are 44,184 base cards total in all Topps sets from 1955 to 2012. I have 43,795 of these cards in the sets I'm working on. That's a percentage of.........drum roll please..........

99.12% complete!!

It's been a lifelong project and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on completing these. I'm also working on 1952 in PSA 2 or better as well as 1953 and 1954 in PSA 3 or better but I'm way far away from completing those. So for now, my focus is on these 389. If you have any of my wants in at least EX condition, let me know. I have cases of 2013 Topps Heritage that I'll be busting and will trade my Heritage for your vintage that I need. Here is my want list:

My Want List!!!!!

Just let me know by sending me an email! My email address is: parker94ttu@gmail.com.


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4 Responses to Let the Countdown Begin! 389 Cards To Go!!!

  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    Wow! That is amazing! Best of luck finishing it!

  2. Phil Bechtel says:

    Wow. That’s a seriously impressive set of incomplete sets. Good luck finishing those up.

    • cparker94 says:

      Thanks! Most of the incomplete sets are at least 90% complete. It’s been a long project that requires patience and time. :0)

      Craig from Texas

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