Need Help Locating Topps Articles By Peter Putman

Hello gang! I was surfing the internet for a summary of 1957 Topps baseball cards, which is my favorite vintage Topps set. I read a very well written article by Pete Putman and decided to print it off and add it to my binder to help complement my set. I think this is a great way to help enhance my set and give my son some background about the set when he gets older and one day inherits my Topps set collection. I then did some more searching and found five more Topps articles written by Mr. Putman: 1952, 1953, 1960, 1962, and 1963. These articles are amazing! I went ahead and added those to my set collection as well. However, I am unable to find any more of these awesome articles and would like to find more by Mr. Putman if they exist. If they don’t exist, I would love to hear some of your thoughts on what I could use as a summary for each Topps set. Any ideas? Please help! Thank you!

Craig from Texas

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  1. Kenn Frye says:

    Craig, a friend gave me a link to your blog. You are an interesting writer and collector. I applaud your goal to put all the Topps sets together starting from 1951. I bought my first pack of cards in 1956 at Mr. Brown’s store in Duncan, OK. From then until 1965, I was able to complete most of the 1948-55 Bowman and 1951-65 Topps sets using money I earned from my paper route, trading with friends, and buying from the Card Collector’s Company out of Brooklyn, NY. I began college in 1966 (OU) and didn’t take up collecting again until 1979. I admire how far you’ve come in completing your Topps sets considering when you began your collecting. I still need the 1952 high numbers (311-407) except for a g-vg copy of Jackie Robinson-#312. I was going to try and get the 1952’s I needed when I started collecting again. At that time, the Mantle card was going for about $500, but I never was able to find one and in about a year it had tripled in price with the commons in decent shape going for $50 or more. Good luck on your quest; I have no doubt that you will achieve your goal in the coming years.

    • cparker94 says:

      Thank you Kenn! I am determined to complete the Topps set run. Good thing I have patience!

      Craig from Texas

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