Shame On You Topps!

I was looking at a sell sheet for the upcoming release of 2013 Topps Archives and noticed something that I really didn't particularly care for. Does anyone notice something familiar about this design?
Before I reveal why the design should be familiar to the seasoned card collector, let me tell you what made me furious back in 2002. Back then, producing vintage designs using today's players was just taking off. In 2001, Topps did this quite successfully with Topps Heritage. In 2002, Upper Deck came out with Upper Deck Vintage. When I saw this, I immediately thought Topps would sue Upper Deck and win. Why? Well, look at the following card of 1971 Topps as compared to a 2002 Upper Deck Vintage card:
Because it was obvious that Upper Deck had copied my favorite brand, Topps, it was right then and there that I stopped buying Upper Deck. I couldn't believe that a company would do this. I'm not sure if Topps sued or reached a settlement with Upper Deck but I think Topps had the right to do so as I doubt Topps granted permission to copy them.

I find it very interesting that Topps has chosen to do almost exactly what Upper Deck did 11 years ago by copying another brand. As you can see from this picture, Topps has copied the exact font from 1981 Donruss to promote 2013 Topps Archives.
My question to Topps is with all of the popular designs in your 60 plus years, why copy Donruss? Couldn't you come up with one of your many vintage Topps designs to promote Topps Archives? I'd love to hear an answer to this. What does everyone else think? I'd be interested in knowing!

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