Topps Set Custom Made Boxes or Binders?? HELP!

Hello there! I have a run of Topps sets going way back and got to thinking. There are a lot of people out there who create "custom cards" of their favorite players. But what I would like are "custom set boxes or binders". I mean sure I have some factory set boxes for the more recent years but wouldn't it be cool if Topps, or anyone for that matter, would create custom boxes for the sets from the 1950's and 1960's??? Of course for storage purposes, all the boxes would need to be standard size. I am just tired of storing them in the same 800 count white cardboard boxes that everyone else stores theirs in. As far as binders go, I know Topps started making them in 2010 going forward but I would need them from 1952 through 2009. Am I in the minority here? Don't you think there would be a demand for custom made set boxes? More importantly, does anyone make these? Please let me know! I'd also like to hear your thoughts in the subject. Thanks!

Craig from Texas

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  1. Nirav Shah says:


    Would you know where I can buy a 2009 Topps Baseball Card Binder?

    Thank you!

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