11 Days to Heritage Countdown!

Continuing the countdown until Heritage releases, today I open up a 2011 Topps Heritage pack to commemorate the 11 days left until 2013 Topps Heritage goes live!!!


I just opened the pack and here are the results:

305 Mike Aviles
165 Adam Jones
213 Angel Pagan
65 Robinson Cano
BF2 Brooks Robinson FLASHBACK
161 Bobby Jenks
409 Pittsburgh Pirates
322 Bruce Bochy
239 Brandon Beachy

All of these cards will be given away at the end of my countdown to some Twitter followers.

If Topps releases any new information about Heritage, you will be sure to know that I will be among the first to report it.

Stay tuned!

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One Response to 11 Days to Heritage Countdown!

  1. Dominic Puccinelli says:

    Angel Pagan is one of my favorite SF Giants. I’ve been a Giants fan since I was 4 yrs old in 1958.

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