2014 Topps Heritage IS HERE!!

Finally after a couple of delays, Topps Heritage is now out everywhere. A lot of people are reporting jumbo packs at Walmart which have 20 cards in the pack and cost six dollars. Here are the retail jumbo odds:



I'll be opening my cases late tonight and tomorrow. I'll let you know what I pull!

Craig from Texas




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3 Responses to 2014 Topps Heritage IS HERE!!

  1. Charlie says:

    Man, I’m really bummed that the embossed cards are so incredibly rare. Figured those would be a common insert like the stickers last year – I was really looking forward to collecting them. I wish Topps would have done this differently. Do a platinum variation or something to get rarity into the product…

  2. Baseball Dad says:

    Really like that Billy Moran !
    Is it available ?
    Looking for any Indian cards.

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