It’s Just About 2015 Topps Heritage Time!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I call it opening day. Every year since 2006, I have opened at least one case and as many as 6 cases of Topps Heritage cards. Next week, the 2015 Topps Heritage edition comes out. 

In gearing up for "opening day", here are some released images by Topps. Check these out:

I have also seen the Heritage odds that are printed on the wrapper. Do you want to see those? Of course you do. Here they are:

Short prints 1:3

New Age Performers 1:8

Then and Now 1:10

Baseball Flashbacks 1:12

News Flashbacks 1:12

Chrome 1:23

Action Image Variation 1:24

Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:31

Chrome Refractor 1:41

Banner Text Color Swap 1:140

Mini 1:231

Real One Autographs 1:258

Black Refractor 1:350

Real One Special Edition Autographs 1:390

Blue Back Variation 1:462

Clubhouse Collection Relic Gold 1:550

Error Variation 1:840

Gold Refractor 1:1760

Trade Variation 1:2310

Postage Stamp Relic 1:2310

Nickel Coin Relic 1:2940

Throwback Variation 1:3310

Dual Real One Autograph 1:3515

Dime Coin Relic 1:5875

Dual Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:6950

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relic 1:9100

Quarter Coin Relic 1:17515

Dual Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relic 1:17515

Triple Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:18688

Flashback Autograph Relic 1:18688

Framed Topps Ruboff 1:19550

Triple Real One Autograph 1:35000

Get Smart Buyback 1:35040

Batman Buyback 1:42048

Quad Clubhouse Collection Relic 1:46720

Cut Signature Baseball 1:168000

Cut Signature Celebrity 1:168000

Half Dollar Coin Relic 1:168100

Lost in Space Buyback 1:210240

Complete Set Redemption 1:420360

Early reports state that there are some printing issues. Let's hope this isn't widespread.  Update!  The backs smell like bubble gum when scratched. 

For the full checklist, check it out here:

2015 Topps Heritage Checklist

So what are your thoughts?  Initially, the autograph odds are very disappointing. I've never been crazy about the buybacks either. I am hopeful for some special unannounced surprises but for right now, I will hold my judgement until product is released. 

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