Just 10 More Days Until Heritage Releases!

There is only ten days until the release of Topps Heritage so to celebrate that fact, I'm going to open a 2010 Topps Heritage pack here in just a minute. All cards opened from my Heritage countdown will be given away on Twitter at the end. That is, unless I pull a cut signature. 🙂


Here it is -- the results of my 2010 Topps Heritage pack:

246 Johnny Damon
355 Ben Zobrist
194 Joey Votto
124 Daniel Hudson
27 Mike Fontenot
461 Joe Maddon SHORTPRINT
394 Emilio Bonifacio
424 Chien-Ming Wang
244 Ichiro

Once again, as I did with the 2012 pack, I got a shortprint. Whenever I get a shortprint, I consider the pack a success. Stay tuned tomorrow as I rip into a 2009 pack.

2013 Topps Heritage will be here before you know it!!

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2 Responses to Just 10 More Days Until Heritage Releases!

  1. Walt Taylor says:

    Just found your blog and enjoy what you have to offer. From that 2010 Heritage Series was the Topps Dice Game. I have found that finding the set/cards is very hard. Any suggestions to offer on securing these? Thanks for your time!

    • cparker94 says:


      Those dice backs were tough finds in packs. I have one left. It is Derek Jeter. I have it for sale at a decent price listed at the bottom of this list:

      Craig from Texas

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