Just Two More Days!!!

There are only two days until my favorite brand of sports cards launches – 2013 Topps Heritage! I have already taken Thursday and Friday off work and have my 5,000 count boxes ready to hold all of the cards I will be busting from several cases. I plan on trading some of my hits, inserts, and SPs towards cards on my vintage want lists. My goal is to complete my 1966 and 1967 Topps sets. If that happens, I will then have a complete Topps set run from 1964 to present. Unfortunately, I still need a Tom Seaver rookie so I hope to have a pretty good hit or two to be able to trade or buy that one. If there are any Heritage cards you would like and if you have any of my vintage wants, let me know so I can set those Heritage cards aside for you. I have one person who already sent me $400 worth of vintage cards and I will be reimbursing him with $400 worth of Heritage. Another person reserved the right to any and all Cardinals cards. Hope I can get the Musial auto although if I get that one, it might just end up in my personal collection.

Here are my wantlists:

My Vintage Want Lists - HELP!

To celebrate the fact that Topps Heritage will be releasing in just two days, I am about to open a 2002 Topps Heritage pack. I really like opening older Topps Heritage packs because they have better odds than most of the recent Heritage packs. Although, I like the fact that in 2013 Topps Heritage, odds for Real One Autographs are 1:124. One of the drawbacks that happened to me two years ago was when I opened a hobby box of 2002 Topps Heritage and received a redemption card for a 1953 Topps #280 Milt Boling card. Why is it a drawback? Normally, I would be excited to get a redemption card good for a $350 card; however, the redemption card expired years ago so it is worthless. Or that is what I thought. I went ahead and listed it in my store, and it sold for $30 to a collector who wanted it to enhance his 2002 Topps Heritage set.

OK, here I go with the opening of a 2002 Topps Heritage pack…


214 Mark Phillips
173 Aaron Dean
251 Omar Vizquel
96 Adam Kennedy
NA13 Roberto Alomar
315 Todd Jones
65 Aaron Myette
76 Einar Diaz

Not that great of a pack. Oh well -- tomorrow I will open a 2001 Topps Heritage pack which means I can then say that Topps Heritage releases tomorrow!

Can't wait!

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2 Responses to Just Two More Days!!!

  1. Dan says:

    pretty cool seeing the old heritage packs opened up…would you mind putting up some photos of the ones 2005 and before, would especially like to see that refractor you pulled.

    also, i can’t remember where i read it, but you had heritage “sample packs” available….are those in your store?

  2. cparker94 says:

    I see if I can put a few of them on there but so far I haven’t pulled anything great. I’m not familiar with sample packs but I’m putting together a few giveaways that include one card from each year. That’s probably what you are referring to. I’ll be giving these away on Twitter soon. :0)

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