Progressing Closer to My Lifetime Collecting Goal…

I know it has been awhile since my last post. Things are always slow for me this time of the year when it comes to baseball cards. My favorite Topps products (Series One, Series Two, Update, and Heritage) have been out for several months now and there isn’t much of anything new to report until next year.

Today, I would like to update you on my progress on my lifetime goal – a complete Topps set run from 1951 to present. I started this massive undertaking back around 1989 – almost 25 years ago. It has been a fun pastime for me and extremely challenging. Baseball cards can be an expensive hobby depending on what you collect. I knew that I would never be able to afford a mint 1952 Topps set, so I decided to set my goals a long time ago to be realistic. Here are my condition requirements for the sets I am working on or have completed:

1951 Topps – all cards PSA graded at least a 3
1952 Topps – all cards PSA graded at least a 2
1953 Topps – all cards PSA graded at least a 2
1954 Topps – all cards PSA graded at least a 3
1955 Topps through 1969 Topps – all cards at least a strong EX
1970 Topps through 1980 Topps – all cards at least NM
1981 Topps through present – all cards at least NM/MT

Picking up key cards at great prices can be done if you have patience and watch auctions on eBay. Sometimes I am very surprised at the deals I have won. Here are a few in the past month or two that have really surprised me:

1962 Topps #546 Moe Thacker SP PSA 7 – bought for $11.26
1962 Topps #395 Willie Mays AS PSA 5 – bought for $21.50
1952 Topps #33 Warren Spahn PSA 2 – bought for $37.50
1962 Topps #200 Mickey Mantle PSA 5 – bought for $162.91

As of December 18, 2013, I now need 1,078 cards to complete my lifetime goal. I did some calculations and as long as I continue to progress at the same pace that I have been over the past 25 years, I should have a complete set run on December 31, 2023! Just ten more years! My son will be 11 years old then. I think that would be a good time to show him what his dad collected during his life. He probably won’t be the avid baseball card collector like me, but I bet he will appreciate them one day.

Here is my set progress. I have completed sets from 1957, 1959, and 1963 through present.


If you can help out in any way (I’ll gladly accept donations!), please feel free to email me at:


Craig from Texas

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