Tomorrow Is the Day Heritage Releases!

Tomorrow is the day that 2013 Topps Heritage finally launches! I thought this day would never get here! To celebrate, I'm going to rip open a 2001 Topps Heritage pack here shortly.

Tomorrow night, I'll be opening several cases of cards and will tweet some pics. Unless stated otherwise, all hits are tradable for cards I need for my vintage sets. My wantlists are found easily at:

Here's the results of my 2001 Topps Heritage pack rip:
91 Josh Hamilton
181 Tom Goodwin
291 Gerald Williams
116 Terrence Long
275 Denny Neagle
297 Chad Petty
114 Alfonso Soriano
37 Magglio Ordonez

Nothing great in this pack but opening a pack this old does kind of provide a thrill. Too bad I couldn't have pulled an auto or chrome.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll be pulling several chromes and autos tomorrow! Can't wait!!

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2 Responses to Tomorrow Is the Day Heritage Releases!

  1. Forgerelli says:

    I have a case of hobby coming to me but I couldn’t wait any longer and called some local Wal Marts and Targets. Found one store near me that had some. Got 6 blasters, 5 value packs and 10 loose packs (unsearched!) . I must have been the first one to buy them.

    Pulled a black refractor (64/64) of Diamonbacks Rookies Adam Eaton & Tyler Skaggs. One Venezuelan #127 Edwin Jackson. One mini of #425 Joey Votto 58/100. Then in the same pack!!! a Nelson Cruz Clubhouse gold #39/99 AND a Bob Lillis Real One Auto.

    Pretty good for what was essentially 2 1/4 boxes of cards.

    • cparker94 says:

      What a great haul! I have been hearing some great things from retail unlike past years. 2012 was the worst collecting year for me. Looking forward to busting some 2013 here shortly!

      Craig from Texas

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